Michael Danby MHR

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117 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda VIC 3182

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  Michael Danby MHR
Federal Member for Melbourne Ports - Opposition Whip
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Michael Danby is a member of the federal Parliamentary Labor Party

What Labor stands for

Labor values

Labor believes that all people are created equal in their entitlement to dignity and respect, and should have an equal chance to achieve their potential. For Labor, government has a critical role in ensuring fairness by:
• ensuring equal opportunity
• removing unjustifiable discrimination
• achieving a more equitable distribution of wealth, income and status.

Labor is committed to protecting and supporting those who are disadvantaged, oppressed or simply struggling to cope.

Individual Freedom
Labor is committed to a just and tolerant society which fully protects the rights and freedoms of all Australians, including especially the fundamental political and civil rights of everyone to freedom of conscience, expression and association, and to due process of law.

Labour Rights
Labor is committed to protecting and advancing the fundamental rights of working people to join trade unions, and to organise, collectively bargain and strike.

Labor believes that rights must be accompanied by responsibilities to behave honestly, humanely and fairly.

Labor is committed to the essential democratic principle that every person should have the right to a say, directly or indirectly, in every decision that affects his or her life.

Labor believes that the best chance for the future, for Australia and all Australians, lies in our working together for the common good.

Labor’s priority objectives
Providing security
Labor's first priority is to provide security for all Australians. This includes:
• job security during our working years
• income security during both working and retirement years
• personal security in the event of serious illness, injury or other crisis, or in the case of disability
• security and safety in the community living environment
• security of the nation against external threat.

Creating opportunity
A second Labor priority is to provide opportunity for all Australians:
• to realise fully their individual potential throughout their lifetime
• to advance their living standards and quality of life
• to gain access to employment, education, housing, health and welfare services, information technology, culture and recreation, and the legal system
• to participate cooperatively in the life of the nation and the communities within it.

Managing change to ensure security and opportunity
Labor has always sought to anticipate and understand the forces of change at work in the national and international communities - not to resist that change, but gain the maximum benefit from it while moderating and smoothing its impact.

Successful governments are those which understand and communicate the reality of that change, and manage it in a way that both creates opportunity and provides security.

Labor’s distinctive approach
What makes Labor governments distinctive is the belief in the critical role of government.

Labor believes that strong and active government leadership, with an effective and efficient public sector operating in partnership with a thriving private sector, best manages change to provide security and opportunity for all Australians.

For more about detailed information about Labor’s values, priority objectives and distinctive approach, visit What Labor stands for.

Labor policies
The Australian Labor Party is committed to a review of all policies, excluding the further sale of Telstra. The Review is already underway and is being conducted by Labor's Deputy Leader, Jenny Macklin.

For more information about Labor’s policies, visit ALP Policy


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