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Michael Danby, Federal Member for Melbourne Ports, today slammed the government’s position on climate change.

Australia’s position is now in tatters with news this week that the Kyoto Protocol is set to come into international force - leaving Australia and the United States out in the cold as the only developed countries not to ratify” Mr Danby said.

China and Russia have signaled their intention to ratify, with India and Canada expected to follow suit later in the year. The threshold tests of the Protocol can now be met and the Protocol is set to come into international force.

“The Howard Government is out of step with the rest of the world. Australian industry will suffer, access to international trade in carbon credits will be denied, and potential new export markets choked off unless the Prime Minister joins with other world leaders in ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on climate change” Mr Danby said.

When the Howard Government negotiated and signed the Kyoto Protocol, it was in full knowledge that developing countries were not going to be subject to legally binding targets in the first commitment period.

Under the Kyoto Protocol, the focus on developing countries is on participation in capacity building, technology transfer and sustainable development assistance.

“It is misleading to now claim that because developing countries do not have binding targets that we should walk away from the Protocol” argued Mr Danby.

Australia has followed the lead of the United States and both are now left sitting outside this global agreement like two shags on a rock.” said Mr Danby.

The Kyoto Protocol is the first step in a global solution to climate change. It is also the only game in town. The Howard Government must ratify the Kyoto Protocol now”, concluded Mr Danby.

Mr Danby seconded a Matter of Public Importance debate in Parliament last week which called on the Australian government to ratify the Protocol.
Copies of the speech are available by calling his office on 9534 8126.


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