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Prime Minister Promotes Heffernan

Michael Danby, The Federal Member for Melbourne Ports, today said that he regretted that Senator Bill Heffernan is being rehabilitated, following his disgraceful unproven remarks against Justice Michael Kirby earlier this year. “It is obvious that the Liberal leadership are determined to see Heffernan rehabilitated. He continues to be actively supported by them”.

“Senator Bill Heffernan considered it justified to make spurious remarks about openly-gay Justice Michael Kirby earlier this year. Senator Heffernan attacked Justice Kirby under Parliamentary Privilege, accusing him of picking up male prostitutes in his Commonwealth Car. It was only after it was found that the Senator’s claims were based on false evidence that John Howard forced Senator Heffernan to withdraw his remarks”.

“This Government obviously sees no need to punish Heffernan in any substantial way. Instead last month he was given an important role as chair of the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs Committee”.

“In effect this is a reward, making him more popular in his rural electorate and thereby cementing his position in our national Parliament”, stated Mr Danby.

“ The Liberal leadership have shown that they admire this man. They want him around. Despite his unsubstantiated remarks against one of our most distinguished gay citizens they seek no substantial punishment. Instead they actively promote the Senator”.

Mr Danby added, “There is no justification for homophobic remarks under any circumstances. For this Government to actively promote someone who feels quite justified in pushing such prejudices is disturbing” .


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