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Mr Michael Danby, the Federal Member for Melbourne Ports, today criticised the government for allowing a GST on boarding houses.

“The government’s own National Homelessness Strategy identifies caravan park residents and boarding house residents as ‘at high risk of homelessness’, yet it will happily charge these people 5.5% GST on their rent.

The Minister for Family and Community Services, Mr Larry Anthony, has made a ‘sudden conversion’ to the cause of permanent park residents in a desperate attempt to save his political hide - given that there are over 6500 of them living in his electorate.

“Yet he still makes no mention of boarding house residents”, said Mr Danby.

“There is absolutely no logic to this decision. How can a Minister blatantly ignore boarding house residents, simply because they don’t constitute a large part of his own electorate?” said Mr Danby.

There are currently about 63 boarding houses in the St Kilda area, accommodating around 1,400 people in total.

“Melbourne Ports boarding house residents are disgusted at their unfair treatment”, said Mr Danby.

“These people are some of the most vulnerable members of our community. It is grossly unfair that they will be forced to pay GST on their rent, unlike other Australians”, Mr Danby concluded.

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