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Federal Member for Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby, has today slammed the signatories of a petition being circulated calling for a boycott of Australian academic research and cultural links with the State of Israel.
“This politically motivated petition is counter-productive to the development of any level of understanding or tolerance between Israelis and the Palestinian people.”
“Israeli scholars are renowned for their diversity of opinions and commitment to establishing discourse and communication between themselves and their Palestinian counterparts. To boycott their input only serves to widen the gulf that currently exists.”
“It will have no effect on the mainstream political or economic establishment in Australia. The majority of the signatories are well known political fringe dwellers.”
“Many signatories to the petition, including one of its authors, Dr John Docker, have held long term extremely antagonistic views toward the State of Israel. “
“It was interesting to see in the Australian on May 22nd that Dr. Docker describes himself as a Jewish –Australian. This is a person who is on the very fringes of the Jewish community and has never provided any positive input to the Jewish community.”
“Docker only promotes his Jewishness to provide himself with publicity for his ultra-left wing political agenda.”
“This is a clear case of anti-Israel bias. These individuals have not campaigned for a boycott of regimes that support terrorism and deify suicide bombers.”
“This call for a boycott can not possibly result in any movement towards a peaceful settlement of the current conflict.”
“Rather than calling for a boycott, the academic community should be working to promote democracy and freedom of speech throughout the Middle East, including the Palestinian Authority.”


Authorised by Michael Danby 117 Fitzroy Street St Kilda VIC 3182